John Binet-Fauvel

I use only reclaimed, recycled materials, mainly wire from redundant electrical equipment and knit it by hand on frames made by me. I make sculptural pieces often using creatures as inspiration. They are not stiff and dead, but articulate like living things.
Each piece is one off and not repeatable.
What others discard I spend hours unravelling, preparing my materials takes time, knitting may take many days, or even several weeks.
I use no drawings, or CAD and all the working out is in my head.


  1. The sent link may be of interest for you, for both of you.

    (Posted on 2014-02-24 21:40:00 by Fauvel)

About John Binet-Fauvel: I am an artist/maker working entirely with found and reclaimed materials, mainly wire from redundant electrical equipment. I knit by hand on frames which I also make from recycled materials, they are various shapes to allow me to create different forms. I make sculptural pieces often using creatures as inspiration. I also make wearable body pieces and unique wire handbags. I use no drawings, or CAD and all the working out is in my head, I make no notes. I encourage others to play with wire, it is a versatile and durable material. My work depends entirely on what wires I can extract from redundant electrical equipment like computers, washing machines etc. When teaching I will bring a range of my own tools and equipment, (which can easily be made by others) although my particular way of working is hard to copy, simpler methods can be used. I will show people how to reclaim wires, by bringing examples of redundant electrical equipment to show the various stages. My wirework and my way of working is unique, many artists “draw” with wire, mine is truly 3 dimensional not only in finished form, but as a process too. Schools and colleges use my work as an example for recycling extensively, I have many student enquiries, comments and complements and I have a worldwide following on Two years ago I had a large order from this site and sent 3 huge octopii and a jelly fish to the USA, bought by Ripley Entertainments. They are on show in the Believe It or Not museums and one is in the Surfing Museum in Australia. A few years ago I gave a lecture on my work at the V & A in London and I have had several magazine articles and blogs written about my work.

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